Oct. 2017 | 2 months

Team: Benjamin Grandy (Designer)
Deliverables: Logo Design, Mobile App Prototype

Zink Fitness is a outdoor fitness experience in Latin America. They were looking to add a mobile app to complement their offerings.

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  • Zink started with the goal of bringing people and community together to stay fit, healthy, and achieve goals.
  • Zink is currently one of the largest sports marketing and event companies in central america.
  • Zink holds large scale fitness events and expert training sessions for more than 50k people each year.

“We started Zink under the belief that community is everything. For three years, our goal has been to bring the energy, competition and comradery of fitness to a region where it has never existed before.”
-Zink Fitness

“We work with a network of over 300+ of the best professional trainers in Latin America to create dynamic workouts suited for our culture and lifestyle. Our team uses the newest technology to bring the fitness lifestyle to those that never had access before.”
-Zink Fitness


I designed this logo which invokes modern clean design and its hard angular edges feel strong and empowering.


Mapping out user flows

AWA Fit is a fitness app geared specifically for Latin America that brings modern fitness techniques, professional trainers and personalized workout plans to everyone, which used to be reserved only for those that could afford it. It also offers challenges for novice and advanced athletes alike to compete on a global level.

AWA Fit gives all of Latin America the resources of professional latin trainers, custom workout plans, and community challenges so that a developing region can get the modern fitness tools it needs.

“AWA Fit will harness the power of Zink’s health and fitness suite and put it in the hands of anyone with a smartphone. We seek to be the all-in-one app for healthy living, personal fitness, and the every growing marketing of live competition”
-Zink Fitness

Core Features

  • Request a Coach
  • Tailored Workouts
  • Selfie Comparison
  • Challenges, Trophies, Competitions
  • Fitness Plan
  • Ad version / Paid version

Tailored to the individual

  • Individual plans
  • Selfie comparison
  • Progress metrics
  • Muscle diagram


  • Workout Plan
  • Challenges, Trophies, Competitions


  • Ad version / Paid version
  • Request a coach
  • Increase attendance to in-person events

“Ben has both conceptual creativity for new ideas and the skills to craft fine details. He definitely went above and beyond what was asked of him and clearly takes great pride in his craftsmanship and work. I was happily surprised with the level of polish on the finished prototype and found him easy to work with... I'll keep him in mind for future projects.”
-Ana Sol Ordoñez, CEO & Founder at Zink

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