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My design process follow these steps. In the first stage I do deep research, looking at competitors, interviewing people, and deepening my understanding of the problem. From the insight gained, I then do exploratory ideation coming up with many different approaches. From here, I pick the best solutions and start adding visual polish. After a prototype is developed, I begin usability testing and with each round of feedback find ways in which the design can be improved. The last stage is development. After the product is built, it should always undergo further testing, refinement and improvement.

Skill Sets

1. User Research: Competitive Analysis, Design Pattern Research, User Research, Contextual Inquiry, Quantitative Analysis, Card Sorting, User Interviews, User Personas, A/B Testing, User Scenarios, User Journeys, User Surveys, Usability Testing

2. UX Design: Conceptual Exploration, Wireframes, Hi-fi Mocks, Prototypes, Information Architecture, User Flows, Site Maps, System Maps, Layout, Messaging / Copy, Personas, UX Artifacts, Empathy maps, Affinity Maps, Storyboarding, Concept Diagrams, Experience Journeys etc.

3. Visual Design: Style Guides, Web and Mobile Design, Branding, Logos, Identity, Look and Feel, Iconography / UI, Color Theory, Visual Hierarchy, Typography, Photography, Video, Gifs

4. Frontend Development: Responsive Web Development, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, SASS, Javascript, Git, Bootstrap, Wordpress, SEO, Universal Access (Accessible), Popular Site Builders

Core Competencies





Logo Design

Icon Design







3D Modeling


Principal: Nuanced Design (Freelance)Dec. '17 — present   ( yrs. )

I'm here to tell your story. I'm here to work out usability bugs. I'm here to rebrand your idea. I'm here to find all the ways that your product can be better, more beautiful, simpler, generate more business, and improve peoples' lives. Whether it's just an idea in your head or fully developed, I'm here to help.

Past Clients:

TrendGraphix,Eva Orbuch, Jordan Kersten, Gather Facilitation, Origin Materials, Goodleap, Robin Applewood, Siempo, LilyPad, Zink Fitness, Grand Bakery, Slingshot Foods, OneOf, EntheoZen, The Good Craft, Luman, Calm, Shyft, Sophie Silverstein College Counseling, Hey Photo

Web Developer: Cost Plus World Market (Contract)Aug. '17 — Nov. '17   (4 mos.)

HTML, CSS, and JS ninja. I built out store opening pages, promotion pages, navigation, and many custom pages for WorldMarket.com. I also helped unify their style guide and fix broken layouts. Having both design chops and development chops lets me communicate across the divide.

Designer & E.V. Tech.: City CarShare (Non-Profit)Sep. '14 — Sep. '15   (1 yr. 1 mo.)

Started in 2001, CityCarShare was the first carsharing company in the nation. We were building an All Electric and Plug-in Electric (PHEV) carshare network to make it easily for people to get around— more affordable, more green, less congestion, less pollution, and live without the hassle of car maintenance. I also was building the first in the country electric bike share network. With a growing fleet of next-generation hybrids, electric cars, and electric bicycles, EVs coupled to outdoor solar charging stations, I was pioneering a sustainable transportation network. I oversaw and maintained a fleet of 50 PHEVs, debugged our in-car technology, monitored car battery status remotely to ensure uptime, created maintenance logs, improved the mobile app UI, contributed on frontend web design, produced promotional videos, grant evaluation docs, rebuilt important accounting documents, and other marketing and design material.

Head of Engineering & Founder: Onward Electric Cycles LLCSep. '12 — Mar. '14   (1 yr. 7 mos.)

Founded an electric bike company to develop a new hydraulic electric bike drive system. We were thinking completely outside the 'electrical box' and inventing a bicycle system built on the pumping of fluids and hydraulics instead. After several iterations, I designed a hydraulic drive bike pump that achieved 10-15 PSI in pumping force by pedaling.

Head of Operations & Web Design: PiMobility Inc.Jul. '11 — Aug. '12   (1 yr. 2 mos.)

PiCyle is a strikingly simple and beautiful electric bicycle, made of just a single aluminum arch. Electric Bicycles are the most efficient form of transportation achieving a stunning 2000MPGe in efficiency. This coupled with zero emissions, pennies to charge, the benefits of exercise, and the fastest way to get from point A to point B in an urban environment makes eBikes healthy, fast, and fun.

At PiMobility, I ran operations (inventory control), helped with sales, starred in promo videos, did photography, produced several promo videos, designed and built the website, managed the shop, assembled bikes, helped with concept ideation for product development and provided customer service.


General Assembly: UX Design Immersive Nov. '15 — Feb. '16   (4 mos.)

10 week full immersive (over 500 hours) for UX Design taught by UX practitioners. Course Work: User Research, Interface Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Interaction Design, Mobile Design, Responsive Web Design, Usability Testing, Testing Methodologies, and Design Best Practices. Emphasis on Lean UX, rapid prototyping, and design studio. From research and ideation to prototyping and testing.

Online Courses: Frontend Web Development, Programming 2013 — '14   (1 yr. 3 mos.)

Took courses online at iTunes U, MIT open courseware, Coursera, Code School, Code Academy, and Thinkful. Learned Programming Fundamentals, iOS development, Java, Algorithms, Object-oriented Design, and Frontend Development.

TechShop: Metal and Wood Fabrication, 3D Modeling, CNC, Lasercutting 2013   (8 mos.)

Took roughly 30 classes at TechShop related to 3D printing, finishing, aluminum and steel welding (MIG and TIG), CNC mill and lathe, CAM/CADD software, injection molding, Arduino programming, circuit board soldering, wood fabrication, wood finishing, carbon fiber fabrication, sheet metal construction, powder-coating (painting), waterjet cutting, vinyl cutting, and more.

UC Davis: Landscape Architecture2007 — '11   (4 yrs.)

At UC Davis I straddled the line between design and engineering. Landscape Architecture helped me hone my design, concept generation, and presentation skills while electrical engineering helped me think logically through a problem and how to test and debug. Ultimately, these two fields allowed me combine right-brain ideation and prototyping with left-brain research, testing, debugging, and refinement.


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